Diana White

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Piano


Faculty Member since 2000

I thoroughly enjoy the dynamics of class piano. Students work hard but can have fun together at the same time. They become each other's support system. I can honestly say that I love working with every one of my students. I enjoy the challenge of "drawing in" those who are least interested and helping those who may struggle but who really care about their work.

Associate Professor of Education/Special Education Diane Painter, Ph.D. uses an interactive and highly individualized teaching model to prepare her students to become caring and compassionate special education teachers. I know each one of my students, and I want them to feel they are valued and supported as individual learners, she said.


B.M., Hope College; M.M., University of Michigan

    Personal Highlights

    I am grateful for my loving family: my husband Andrew and our four children Aaron (and his wife Esther), Joshua,Grace and Micah. Our black-eyed Jack Russell Terrier is named "Shiner"!