Our Mission and Vision


Shenandoah University educates and inspires individuals to be critical, reflective thinkers; lifelong learners; and ethical, compassionate citizens who are committed to making responsible contributions within a community, a nation and the world.

Core Values

  • Development of an enduring passion for learning Commitment to self-reflection and personal development
  • Respect for diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives
  • Celebration of creative performance, expression, teaching, and discovery
  • Cultivation of leadership to advance positive change and growth
  • Dedication to citizenship, professional services, and global outreach


Shenandoah University distinguishes itself by providing opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills in a collaborative, personalized environment that intertwines professional and liberal learning. A Shenandoah education incorporates scholarship, experiential learning and sophisticated technologies, as well as practical wisdom.

As an institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Shenandoah University practices the highest ethical standards in its interactions with the community and with students of all faiths. Within a community of scholars, Shenandoah promotes the welfare of the whole person by fostering a nurturing environment in which students learn, grow, and flourish.

Vision Statement

Shenandoah University will be a strong leader of higher education, committed to educational excellence, creativity, and global citizenship. Shenandoah will value its outstanding integration of professional programs and liberal arts and further partnerships with other universities and organizations in order to shape and address the educational needs of society. Shenandoah will be a mid-sized comprehensive institution with a richly diverse population that believes in the continuing development of its faculty and professional staff to support an institution of its size and caliber. Shenandoah will offer a high-quality residential environment. Financially robust, Shenandoah’s growth will be both strategic and by design. Within a core context, Shenandoah will rely on its historical affiliation with the United Methodist Church to deepen its commitment to the development of a caring community that values the whole person, spiritual inquiry and student-centered education.