General Education Requirements


The General Education program is required of all students entering Shenandoah University as a first-year/freshman. This requirement is in addition to the college/school requirements and the major/program of study requirements. Transfer students should consult with their advisor and/or the Director of General Education concerning their General Education requirements.Students should direct all questions regarding General Education to your college/school/program Dean or Director, and/or the Director of General Education, Dr. Amy Sarch at


The purpose of General Education at Shenandoah University is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to be active, ethical, and productive citizens in a changing and diverse world.


Shenandoah University’s general education program targets eight primary areas that the faculty and students have identified as essential to productive citizenry: 1) critical thinking; 2) effective communication; 3) artistic expression; 4) quantitative literacy; 5) the nature of science; 6) moral reasoning; 7) the individual in society; and 8) the individual in the world. The general education requirements are designed to enhance the skills of students within all of these areas.


Seven domains of learning form the foundation of the General Education program at Shenandoah University. Each domain fosters at least one element of the program’s primary goals. As a result, the General Education program at Shenandoah University exposes students to multiple methods of thinking, questioning and knowing. Through an exploration of the domains of Effective Communication, Artistic Expression, Quantitative Literacy, Scientific Literacy, Moral Reasoning, The Individual in Society, and The Individual in the World, students develop an awareness of the world around them and the ability to perform effectively in the communities in which they engage.

Program Objectives Shenandoah University’s General Education program targets eight primary areas that the faculty and students have identified as essential to productive citizenry: critical thinking; effective communication; artistic expression; quantitative literacy; scientific literacy; moral reasoning; the individual in society; the … Continue reading

Track your General Education Progress General Education Requirements Students must complete at least one course in each of the seven domains. A maximum of six credits per domain may count toward a student’s General Education requirements with the exception of the effective communication domain where the students must take at least six credits and the scientific world domain, in whichRead More

 Domain Course Assessment Forms Each semester all General Education courses must be assessed to determine the percentage of students meeting Domain objectives. The necessary Domain Assessment Forms can be found on this page.Read More