Effective December 31, the temporary 2% Social Security payroll tax reduction enacted in January 2011 expired. Employees will again pay 6.2% for Social Security Old Age Disability tax (coded as FICO on pay advices and paycheck stubs). Employees will continue to pay 1.45% for Social Security Medicare tax (coded as FICM on pay advices and paycheck stubs).  
Form W-2 annual wage and tax statement will again be available electronically on WebAdvisor. If you have not previously consented to online viewing of your tax form, please log in to WebAdvisor, click on the Employees tab, and click on W2 Electronic Consent.The 2012 forms will be processed no later than January 31, 2013 as required by regulations. A notice will be placed in the SUN-e if they are ready sooner.
Please verify that the address on your pay advice or paycheck is correct. If you moved within the last year and did not notify the university of your change of address, please submit the change to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible.