Shenandoah University alumna Colonel Lisa Doumont ’95 of the U.S. Army Reserves, Medical Service Corps, is doing something she’s waited years to do.

The Winchester resident is also a doctoral student in Shenandoah University’s organizational leadership program and one of 22 domestic and foreign military officers participating in the competitive and selective Medical Strategic Leadership Program offered by the U.S. Armed Forces.

As part of the Medical Strategic Leadership Program, participants toured Arlington Cemetery and many of the monuments in Washington, D.C. The group is pictured here in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The program, which runs through Tuesday, Aug. 6, partners 11 U.S. participants from various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces with 11 foreign military medical counterparts. The course is based in San Antonio, Texas, but participants also travel to Washington, D.C., and New York City during their time with the program.

“I am very humbled to have been given this opportunity,” said Doumont. “The speakers and my fellow classmates are all so intelligent and well-spoken. We have all concluded that much of the material must be inculcated into our development much earlier in our professional military careers.”

The program provides these senior medical leaders with training to succeed at the national strategic levels of command, leadership and management. The program also exposes participants to different cultures in order to promote awareness and global stability.

“As the world shrinks through the use of technology, leaders at very low levels may find themselves making ‘local’ decisions that potentially have very regional or international implications,” said Doumont.

“Having this awareness, and some tools to support it, earlier in our careers can only improve our critical thinking and decision-making and thus, our move towards making sound decisions that support not only our U.S. goals but also those of our allied partners and other international stakeholders.”

Colonel Lisa Doumont ’95 (center) poses for a photo with Lieutenant Colonel Hynek Schvach of The Czech Republic (left) and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Selck of Germany (right).

During the leadership program, Doumont is partnered with Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Selck of Germany. Other international participants hail from South Africa, Ukraine, The Slovak Republic, The Philippines, Pakistan, The Czech Republic, South Korea, Jamaica and Lebanon.

“All of our international peers have been wonderful,” said Doumont. “Most have brought examples of some of their ‘claims to fame,’ which include Jamaican coffee, Ukrainian vodka and German chocolate; and yes, we sampled them all in class,” she said with a smile.

Doumont says that the most exciting thing about the program thus far is hearing country briefs given by each of the international officers.

“Learning about their cultures, their militaries and their health care systems has awakened my curiosity about things outside our U.S. borders,” said Doumont. “I am humbled at how well they have mastered the English language, even our slang and regional vocabularies, because I know no other language. They are all so proud to represent their nation states, as are we. I think that is another intent of the course; to humanize our outlook on nations with which we must relate, negotiate and collaborate.”

Doumont is commander of the 338th Medical Brigade, based in Horsham, Pa. Her specialty is medical logistics, and she has served outside the U.S. in Kosovo and Iraq. In February 2014, she will assume command of the Third Medical Command (Deployment Support) Operational Command Post in Kuwait after one month of mobilization training at Fort Hood, Texas.

She holds an associate’s degree in nursing from Shenandoah; a bachelor’s degree in biology and nursing and a master’s degree in business administration from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.; and a master’s degree in strategic studies from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.