Meet Your Alumni Board – Kamie Hagedorn MacRae ’01

Meet Your Alumni Board – Kamie Hagedorn MacRae ’01

As soon as Kamie Hagedorn MacRae ’01 stepped on campus, she fell in love; not just with her future husband and fellow alumni board member, Ryan A. MacRae ’09, but with the entire feel of the campus.

“I just fell in love,” said MacRae. “I liked the smaller feel and because I was in the Business School it was good because everything was in one place. I enjoy the small atmosphere at SU. You don’t get lost; you’re not just a number here, you’re a person.”

MacRae received her MBA from Shenandoah in 2001 after obtaining two bachelor degrees from West Virginia University (WVU) in sports management and marketing. While at WVU she was a member of the band, which was her main reason for going there.

After graduating from SU, MacRae found herself back home in Morgantown, W.Va. working at WVU where she became the assistant ticket manager for the athletic department. She realized once again that she missed Shenandoah’s small-school environment and wanted to come back to Winchester.

MacRae works in the Division of Nursing at SU as administrative assistant for data collection. She works directly with the nursing data and writes clinical contracts to get clinical sites.

“I like the fact that everyday is a different day,” MacRae said. “You never know what you’ll get into from one day to the next.”

MacRae hopes to stay at Shenandoah for a long time. She is working on her doctorate in Organizational Leadership and will hopefully finish in a year. She is beginning her second year on the Alumni Board of Directors and wants to be more involved with projects.

MacRae is passionate about Shenandoah because it is where she met the love of her life, Ryan MacRae. They first met at an SU lacrosse game during the spring of 2006. Soon after, Kamie was offered a job in nursing. The two saw each other again in the fall and the rest is history. The two enjoy living in Winchester because it is halfway between their families. Kamie’s family lives in Morgantown, W.Va. while Ryan’s family lives in Springfield, Va.

The couple welcomed twin boys in February 2013. The MacRaes are huge supporters of Shenandoah University Athletics.