Dec 4


Associate Professor of Dance Ting-Yu Chen, M.F.A., Choreographs “Red Dress,”

Associate Professor of Dance Ting-Yu Chen, M.F.A., choreographed “Red Dress,” the feature performance for “Rite of Spring: The New Century Version” at the Dan Tong Culture and Arts Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Sponsored by the Bureau of Culture Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government and produced by Tso’s Dance Association, “Red Dress” was widely publicized and received with great enthusiasm as one of the City Government’s 2013 Spring Arts Festival productions. The festivities took place in March through June showcasing performances of the selected international and local individuals and organizations with the high artistic status. Chen was grateful to Assistant Professor of Musical Theater Jonathan Flom, M.F.A., for his contribution as acting coach for the project.