Dec 4

Petra Schweitzer-12-2013

Associate Professor, Petra Schweitzer, Ph.D., Travels to Paris, France

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Petra Schweitzer, Ph.D., participated in the 20th Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association at L’Université Paris-Sorbonne in Paris, France, this summer. She co-chaired a workshop, “Why Comparative Literature,” with Dr. Raina Kostova of Jacksonville State University. The two-day workshop engaged scholars from India, Argentina, Germany, Italy and the United States in presenting papers on literature, philosophy, women’s studies and sciences. Dr. Schweitzer presented a paper, “Dialogues and Translations of Holocaust Testimonies.”  

She also met with European Shenandoah University students Eugene Ejiba, a criminal ustice and French minor from Belgium who visited with Dr. Schweitzer in Paris, and Claire Glover, a Shenandoah University student from Ireland who met with Dr. Schweitzer in Munich. Glover studied German while attending Shenandoah, and she is currently in Germany teaching English to young students.