To achieve high quality, the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business assesses and continually improves its performance. Quality improvement is also a requirement of SACS and AACSB International, as well as a component of the school’s Strategic Plan. The school has established a comprehensive approach to assessment at different levels. The overall approach is described below.


  • Strategic Management
    Focus: Progress toward achieving the goals of the school’s Strategic Plan.
  • Programmatic Quality and Learning Outcomes – Assurance of Learning
    Focus: Program quality, relevance and student learning.
  • Faculty Qualifications and Performance
    Focus: Faculty qualifications (acquisition, development and utilization of faculty); teaching (e.g., curriculum design, development, innovation, delivery and assessment of learning outcomes); and scholarship (discovery, integration and application and instructional development and pedagogy).

The results of the assessments that are conducted throughout the year are consolidated into a report that is presented annually to the dean. The dean shares the results with the faculty and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and to support the annual goal-setting process of the school.