During the history of the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business, students, faculty, and alumni have distinguished themselves academically and professionally. While we are very pleased with what they accomplished, we are not satisfied. More is to be done, and we are totally committed to building an outstanding academic program as well as high quality, technologically enhanced physical facilities.

The Byrd School is housed within Halpin-Harrison Hall–named for the Halpin Family. This impressive building makes a strong statement that Shenandoah University is committed to a level of instructional excellence where student-faculty interaction is learning-focused. The environment created is motivational and inspiring to all who function within the structure. Located strategically on campus, the complex is a prominent Shenandoah University landmark and stands in harmony with other structures on campus.

Student Oriented

Halpin-Harrison Hall was designed with students in mind. Students deserve a pleasant, comfortable environment to attend class, study, interact and prepare homework assignments individually or in a group. Computer facilities, conference spaces, lounge areas, different classroom configurations, offices for private conversations and open spaces provide a learning environment that is exactly what our student body deserves.

Faculty Friendly

Faculty have classrooms that facilitate different styles of teaching and class sizes. Seminar rooms and an auditorium provide just the type of spaces for both intimate gatherings as well as for a larger congregation. Private offices are used for classroom preparations, research, collaboration, and conversation. Faculty have the pleasure of preparing the students of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.