MBA Essentials Certificate consists of the four MBA foundation courses (ACCT 501, BUS 501, ECN 501, and MIS 511) and BUS 509 Business Applications in which the principles introduced in the MBA foundation courses are further developed, applied, and integrated using the case study method. 
Completion of the certificate requires:

  • completion of the five aforementioned courses, including the Business Applications course and at least two others at the Byrd School as part of this program
  • passing all courses with no more than one course having a grade of “C” or lower (i.e., the others must be passed with at least a B-), and
  • an average grade point average of 3.0 in the courses taken at the Byrd School.


Course          Title  Credits 
ACCT 501  Foundations of Accounting   3 
BAFI 502 Foundations of Finance 1.5
ECN 501  Foundations of Economics   3 
MKT 502  Foundations of Marketing 1.5 
QM 501 Foundations of Analytics   3 
BUS 509 Business Applications   3