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Are You Interested in Adding an MBA to Your PharmD?

If you are in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program of the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy and are interested in the business side of pharmacy operations, then the joint PharmD/MBA program is right for you.  You can earn an MBA and graduate with two degrees at the end of your four years you have already committed to the PharmD degree.

Advantages of Adding an MBA to PharmD

PharmD/MBA’s find excellent career opportunities including managerial and consultancy jobs in the healthcare industry.  Many PharmD’s go back to school to get an MBA.  By earning the two degrees at the same time, you can:

  • Double count courses to minimize the time and cost of dual degrees
  • Use your summers to take MBA courses without overloading in fall or spring
  • The additional cost is under $12,000


More Information

Click here for the main PharmD/MBA page. You can talk with Dr. Alla Marks (amarks@su.edu) about how the joint program works on the PharmD side or Dr. Yvonne Chen (ychen@su.edu) on the MBA side.


Yvonne Chen

M.B.A. Program Director and Associate Professor of Economics
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