The BBA in Health Care Management major is a distinctive, interdisciplinary program with a business focus and a strong biological component. In addition to the BBA business core and electives, this major requires courses in biological sciences and other disciplines. The required biology component is sufficient for the student to earn a minor in biology. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the Health Care Management major curriculum is almost completely pre-specified.

What Our Program Offers You


  • Health care employment opportunities are growing faster than average, with excellent prospects for applicants with health care work experience and leadership skills in business and management.
  • Changes in health care regulations, implementation of new technologies and emphasis on preventative care contribute to increased need for health care management specialists.
  • Services previously provided in hospitals are shifting to offices of health care providers. These smaller offices will require managers with health care knowledge and excellent business skills.


  • Shenandoah’s Health Care Management major integrates a heavy concentration of biological sciences with core studies in business. This distinct feature provides you with a unique combination of skill sets in health care and business that will increase your marketability and prepare you for a diverse range of careers.
  • The program is small and focused, so you’ll receive individual attention from experienced professionals. The curriculum will prepare you for graduate studies, as well as careers ranging from managing small medical clinics or health care practitioner offices to roles such as CEO of a large hospital.
  • The Health Care Management major is a great choice if you want a career in health care, but aren’t sure if medical school is right for you. It’s also the perfect choice if you’re an entrepreneur-minded student who wants to combine your business skills with your passion for helping others.
  • The highly specific requirements of both the biology and business components mean you’ll receive a comprehensive foundation of knowledge to prepare you for a successful career.

Course Requirements

Healthcare Management majors work closely with their advisor to complete the following requirements:

  • General Education — 31 hours
  • Non-Business Electives — 23 hours
  • Business Core — 42 hours
  • Healthcare Management Core — 24 hours

Please click here to view the full course list as published in the 2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog.

Please click here to view the course descriptions for the Healthcare Management Core courses as published in the 2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog.



J. Seth Chatfield

Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management
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