During the academic year, the Academic Enrichment Center offers individual and small group coursework assistance through its university-wide free tutoring program. Our office is located in the Howe Building, Room 204. Students may request tutors in one or more courses by completing the appropriate forms which are located in our office. For more information, stop by our office or call (540) 665-4928

If you are having difficulty with a course:

  • Make an appointment to see your professor as soon as possible. Explain the difficulties you are encountering and ask for his/her suggestions.
  • Come to the Academic Enrichment Center and request a tutor. It involves filling out a . You and your tutor will establish a time to meet that is convenient for both of you.

Guidelines for Students Being Tutored

  1. It is the responsibility of your tutor to contact you. The Academic Enrichment Center recommends that after a reasonable amount of time, if your tutor has not contacted you, come back to the Academic Enrichment Center for another name. If you need help in a class for which we have no tutors registered, we will contact your professor and ask him/her to recommend someone who can help you.
  2. If you have a scheduled appointment with your tutor, make every effort to keep the appointment. If you cannot make it due to some unavoidable circumstance, you must make a reasonable effort to let your tutor know ahead of time. If you fail to keep three appointments with no prior notice, you will be ineligible for tutoring for the rest of the semester.
  3. Please be on time for your tutoring sessions. Your tutor has been instructed to wait for you for 15 minutes. After that, the tutor may leave and the session is counted as a “no show.”
  4. Attending class regularly is a prerequisite for receiving tutoring. Your professor receives a notice from your tutor after each session. He/she is instructed to let us know if you are not attending and preparing for class.
  5. Keep in mind that you will receive the most benefit if you see your tutor on a regular basis – not just before a test. Prepare for your tutoring sessions:
    • Keep up with your textbook reading. Mark items you do not understand so that you can ask your tutor about them.
    • Bring your class notes, text, handouts, etc. to your tutoring session.
    • Let your tutor know when you are scheduled for a test and what the test will cover.
    • When you get a test back, bring it to your next session, if possible, so that your tutor can help you review what you missed.
    • Remember – tutoring will not benefit you if you do not also spend a sufficient amount of time on your own with your subject, attend class regularly, and do assigned work.
  6. If you need help in a subject for which there is a great demand for tutors, you may be asked to be in a small group instead of a one-on-one tutoring situation. Groups can be very beneficial – you can learn from each other as well as from your tutor.

If You Would Like To Become A Tutor…

You have to have at least a 3.0 grade point average, feel that you have a mastery of a subject, have sufficient time, and enjoy helping other students. The Academic Enrichment Center needs your services.

Tutors are paid a small salary. Faculty references must be given when you apply, and training is required. The Academic Enrichment Center staff will be happy to talk with you about becoming a tutor. Click here to access the , , and to fill out the . Drop by any time during office hours.