The Institute for Church Professions (ICP) is a response to the needs of local congregations, the church and the world.

The following initiatives are the result of the institute:


*Faith Seeking Justice is an christian leadership program with a focus on global minded justice. The Faith Seeking Justice Christian Leadership Certificate Program is a three year cohort program that integrates “knowing, being and doing.” It aims to prepare and empower individuals who are committed to spiritual depth and social justice as an integral aspect of ministry in a global context.

*Calling 21 a young adult local church internship program for college students as they discern their vocation. Students are trained on the Shenandoah University campus before spending their summer immersed in the life of a church. It is a partnership ministry between the Virginia United Methodist conference center for clergy excellence, the cabinet and Shenandoah University.

*Spiritual life students and staff lead several conferences and retreats a year for the Virginia United Methodist conference youth and young adults. With the guidance of staff students design worship service as well as small group activities.

*Launch is a retreat held every other year at Shenandoah University. This retreat calls youth and young adults to experience God through creation. Participants are challenged to step out of their comfort zones by waking early to watch the sun rise over the mountains and exploring the river.

The Institute for Church Professions is located on the lower level of Goodson Chapel & Recital Hall

Phone: 540-535-3546


Address: 1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA 22601