Shenandoah University would like to take this opportunity to welcome your family into our Shenandoah family. We strive to create an atmosphere of community on campus, and we encourage you to become a part of the family. From the first time you bring your student to campus for their freshman year until the day of graduation, we know that families play a vital role in the success of each student and we encourage you to remain a part of your student’s life and get involved in our Shenandoah community.

Our Parent’s Council is a great organization that does fundraising and overall support of not only Shenandoah University, but students and parents. Some of their annual events include: talking to parents during Summer Orientation, welcoming back students on move-in days, Apple Blossom and Dessert Extravaganza.

Below are some links we have added with information that may answer some questions that families of Shenandoah students may have.