Start with a roommate; end with a lifelong friend
Sharing a room with someone is similar to other relationhips – to be successful requires openness, flexibility, and respect. Click HERE to download some basics to get you started.

Talking to you roommate over the summer
It’s more than just Facebook.  You want to speak to your roommate and get to know him or her.  In establishing a comfortable living arrangement with your roommate, it my help to discuss mutual expectations.  Click HERE to review some issues to clarify verbally.

Make your room yor home
All students want to make their rooms feel as close to home as possible.  But it’s important to know what to bring, and what to leave at home.  Click HERE for a list of suggested and not suggested items.

Roommate Bill of Rights
Your enjoyment of life in the residence halls will depend, to a large extent, on the thoughtful consideraton you demonstrate for your roomate and your neighbors.  Click HERE to download the basic rights of a roommate.