General System Information

Auxiliary Services continually strives to provide the best telephone and voice mail service to faculty, staff, and students. By purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to support the needs of Shenandoah University.

Long-Distance Service

Shenandoah University provides long-distance service campus wide. In order to place a long-distance call, you must first obtain a long-distance code from Auxiliary Services, located in the Wilkins Administration Building, or use a long-distance calling card. Please note: Do not share your access code with anyone. You are responsible for all long-distance calls made with the code that is assigned to you. All departmental and personal long- distance calls are recorded and sent via e-mail to every individual placing long-distance calls at the beginning of each month. It is important to note that unauthorized use of the Shenandoah University phone system will be dealt with as fraud and subject to disciplinary action. If you should have any telephone or voicemail trouble please submit an e-mail to

Employee Office Changes/Telephone or Voicemail Trouble

If you have voicemail trouble, move from one office to another or add a new employee to your department, please submit your request via e-mail to In the e-mail, please provide your name, location, new location if this applies, and your full telephone number.

Telephone Service for Residential Students

Local Telephone Service

On-campus residential students must pay a $50 phone line activation fee per room, per academic year, if they elect to have local telephone service. This fee can be paid in the Business Office. Once your line is activated by the auxiliary services administrator, simply plug in your own telephone to the outlet. Please note that each residential room has a phone outlet.

Long-Distance Telephone Service

On campus residential students have access to long-distance telephone service by using a security access code or any calling card, providing they have purchased a $50 telephone line activation fee per room per academic year for local telephone service. Security access codes are available from Auxiliary Services. When you obtain a long distance code, an account is set up for you on the Shenandoah University phone system, and any long-distance telephone calls you make are billed to your account. When you sign up for a security access code, you are issued your own five-digit code. To make a long distance telephone call, you dial 9-1-area code-seven digit telephone number (you will hear three tones, and then dial your five digit security access code.) The security access code you are issued is for your use only. Do not loan it to your friend or roommate. You are responsible for all long-distance telephone calls charged to your account.

At the beginning of each month, a telephone bill will be sent to you via e-mail. The phone bill will list each long distance telephone call made the previous month. The bill must be paid by the 20th of the current month. If you do not pay your bill by the 20th of the month, your security access code will be deactivated and the total amount will be transferred to your student account for payment.To have your security access code reactivated, you must go to the Business Office, pay any outstanding telephone bills, and pay a $5 reactivation fee. To use a calling card, dial 9 (to get an off-campus line) then follow the directions on your calling card.


How to Use Shenandoah University’s Voice Mail System (Audix)

Contact John Stevens, director of auxiliary services, at (540) 665-4925, or by e-mail at


To Login:

Dial 4940 and wait for the system to answer. Enter your extension number and then press #Enter your four digit password and press # (please note, if you need to have your password reset, contact the system administrator at (540) 665-4925 or (540) 665-5571.

To Change Your Password:

You may change your password as often as you wish.  If you are a new employee or you forget your password, please call the system administrator at (540) 665-5571 or (540) 665-4925. Press 5 to select the subscriber administration activity. Press 4 to change your password. Enter your new password (up to nine digits, 0-9) and then press #Enter your new password again, and then press #.

To Record a Personal Greeting:

Dial 4940 and wait for the system to answer. Enter your extension number and then press #Press 3 to select the Personal Greeting activityPress 1 to record.  Enter greeting # to edit. Typically greeting #1 is used for an every day greeting and others are used for temporary messages (ie vacation response, weather closing, etc.). Press 1 to speak your greeting. After speaking, press 1 to listen to message or edit before approving or press # to approve. Press 1 for greeting to be active for all calls.

To Record a Greeting Name:

Dial 4940 and wait for the system to answerEnter your extension number and then press #Press 5 wait for the prompt and press 5 again then record your name.

To Listen to Messages:

Every incoming message consists of two parts: the header and the spoken message. The header tells you what kind of message is waiting, and the time and date of delivery.Press 2 to get your incoming messages.Press either 0 to listen to the message; or to skip a message now and save it for later, press #. Audix will move the message from the new category to the unopened category and read the next header. Then, press either 0 to listen to the content of the next message or # to save if for later. Press * 3 to delete messages. You must erase messages as you receive them to avoid filling up your Voice Mail box. If you delete the message, Audix automatically skips to the next header.