Shenandoah uses Google Apps for our university e-mail. The student e-mail account creation process has been automated and linked to the registration procedure with the account being created after the student has registered for a class. Network account username and password are created when a perspective student applies for admission to the university. Admissions Counselors communicate to students regarding the username and password to access SU e-mail, SU Intranet, and other technologies available.

What is SU Google Apps?
Google Apps is a suite of web-based applications that are available to colleges and universities.  SU students keep their SU e-mail account for life!  SU Google Apps include:

E-mail – get 7gb+ of storage, protectection against spam and viruses, stay connected with built-in IM, voice and video chat, IMAP, POP message access and more!
Google Calendar – Share calendars and schedule people, groups, rooms and resources easily, even from your mobile device.
Google Docs – Web-based documents, spreadsheets and presentations that let multiple users edit a single file at the same time, so you always have the latest version.
Google Talk – Free instant messaging and file transfer make staying in touch a breeze.

Do I need to use Shenandoah University’s e-mail service?

Many important university and class mailings (including scheduling and billing information) are only sent to your SU e-mail address, and many classes require e-mail and other Internet activities.