Success Stories

Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy

“My time at Shenandoah showed me how to be a successful student-athlete while participating in organizations that I strongly believe in. Translating to the real world, my job requires me to multi task, while also being a quick thinker and worker, but still taking time to show compassion towards my patients and listen to and address their concerns. I feel that SU gave me the opportunity to learn these qualities and then apply these skills directly to my career.” – Alexis Hargbol, University Studies & Pharmacy Read More

Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing

“Shenandoah fit my needs for a small personalized setting, coupled with intense learning that promoted introspection and personal growth. This unique environment along with the dedicated and inexperienced school of nursing faculty drove me to seek knowledge at every turn.” – Jay Lovelady, Nursing Read More

School of Education & Human Development

“As a Kinesiology major focusing on Physical Education, SU provided me with very relevant field experiences both on campus and within the Winchester Public Schools that prepared me for the rigors of teaching. The relationships forged through these experiences are part of my support network to this day.”- Kevin Cornell, Physical EducationRead More

Shenandoah Conservatory

“The training I received at SU was invaluable. I matured in leaps and bounds (sometimes literally) not only as a performer, but also as a human being. I attest that to my wonderfully knowledgeable and talented teachers pushing me to grow, and helping me out along the way.” – David Bazemore, Musical TheatreRead More

College of Arts and Sciences

“Shenandoah was unique in that they allowed me to pursue to completely different passions- music and medicine. With the help of many faculty members, I was able to complete both degrees and get into medical school. With the fantastic music theatre training I received, I have been able to continue performing, both for my own happiness and to help others!”- Rhonda Diescher, Biology & Musical Theatre Read More

Harry F Byrd Jr School of Business

‘The professors at SU played a large role in preparing me for my future and getting me into the law school of my choice. I still count a few of them as mentors and friends” Sarah Hickie, Business AdminsitrationRead More

School of Health Professions

“While the SU PA program has a rigorous academic program that has prepared me with a comprehensive knowledge base for my practice, it is the unspoken nuances that have truly allowed me to flourish in multiple venues.”- Erik Gessel, Physician Assistant Read More