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Music Education is one of the Shenandoah Conservatory’s oldest and largest programs and has produced hundreds of music teachers that are changing the musical lives of public school students across the country. Active as teachers, music supervisors, program coordinators and administrators, our graduates are leaders in the field of music education.

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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Music in Music Education: Choral/General Concentration
Bachelor of Music in Music Education: Instrumental Concentration

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education (BME) is designed for students who plan to teach music in the public schools and seek licensure as a qualified music teacher by a state department of public instruction. The program includes a balanced and sequential combination of courses and performance experiences designed to foster and develop skills as musicians and teachers, and to prepare students for successful careers in teaching. Students complete courses in music, music teaching techniques and general education studies to fulfill requirements for the K-12 Virginia music teaching license. Students who complete the undergraduate curriculum and state prescribed tests select either choral/general music or instrumental music to qualify for the K-12 Virginia music teaching license. Dual licensure (both choral/general and instrumental) is available for students who complete additional music education coursework. Licensure in other states is available through reciprocity agreements.

Graduate Degree

Master of Music in Music Education

The Master of Music in Music Education (MME) program is intended for practicing music educators, and includes targeted study in pedagogy, scholarship and musicianship. The program is uniquely designed to increase students’ skills as reflective musician teachers, and is offered during summer-intensive sessions. Most applicants present a baccalaureate degree in music education or are licensed teachers. Applicants must document a minimum of one year of teaching experience at elementary or secondary school levels in a private or public school. Specific teacher licensure requirements at Shenandoah Conservatory are met through the completion of the undergraduate degree in music education.