Sing, Say, Dance, Play

 Using Music & Movement to Actively Engage Your Students

Come experience how the Orff Approach can transform your teaching! Learn how to incorporate imitation, exploration and improvisation in your elementary general music classroom. We will sing, speak and play a variety of instruments, as well as use movement as a means of teaching musical skills and concepts!

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Clinician: Kristine Wolfe
July 1011, 2015

Developing the Independent Musician

Back by popular demand, Carol Krueger returns for a workshop designed to teach music educators strategies and techniques that enhance music teaching and learning through student engagement in music. Krueger is known for her work in music literacy, and has taught workshops throughout the United States. As conductor and clinician, Krueger emphasizes student musicianship and music literacy in elementary and secondary music classrooms and performance ensembles.

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Clinician: Carol Krueger
July 27–29, 2015

Choral Conducting Workshop 

Carol Krueger shares creative and practical rehearsal strategies to move beyond the pitches and the rhythms and “bring the music to life” even during the initial learning stages. Phrasing, articulation, rhythmic interest and text will be explored using the three main learning modalities: visual, aural and kinesthetic.

Clinician: Carol Krueger
July 30–31, 2015

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