Thank you to all our Campus SUpporters – faculty, staff, and students!

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Faculty and Staff SUpporters
Dr. Karen E. Abraham
The Rev. Dr. Ben Justin Allen
Dr. Calvin H. Allen Jr.Mr. Christopher A. Bean
Mr. Donald Bruce Black
Dr. Cheryl A. Blanche ’10
Dr. Adrienne G. Bloss
Dr. Woodward S. Bousquet
Mrs. Jennifer Bousquet
Dr. Mary E. Bowser
Mr. William M. Bozman
Dr. Melissa Wolff Burke
Mrs. Emily Crider Burner
Dr. Pamela Rubel Cangelosi ’86, ’89
Dr. Rachel A. Carlson
Ms. Melissa M. Carroll-Wood ’06
Mr. D. Scott Cassada ’80, ’93
Mr. Shawn D. Cassidy
Ms. Ting-Yu Chen
Mrs. Stephanie L. Clark
The Rev. Dr. Rhonda VanDyke Colby
Dr. Gina C. Daddario
Dr. Leslie F. Davidson
Dr. Ann E. Denkler
Mr. David Scott Edelman
Mr. Peter Edelman
Dr. Peter Edwards
Dr. Lizabeth T. England
Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons
Mr. Jonathan S. Flom
Ms. Karen Marie Follett ’87, ’92
Mr. Michael O. Forest ’85, ’86
Ms. Bethany R. Galipeau-Konate ’09
Dr. Kathryn M. Ganske
Mrs. Martha B. Griffin
Ms. Amy B. Hammond
Ms. Erica M. Helm
Mrs. Charlotte Hernandez Velez
Mr. Stan W. Hodgin
Mr. David L. Hoffman ’86
Mrs. Jeanne C. Hoffman
Dr. Julie A. Hofmann
Dr. Warren R. Hofstra
Mr. Larry Hubbard
Mr. William J. Ingham
Dr. Joanne C. Jacobs
Dr. Geraldine W. Kiefer
Ms. Mary A. Kincer
Dr. Jamie R. Klucken
Dr. Robert P. Larson ’08
Dr. Kathryn E. Levit
Mrs. Cathy J. Loranger
Dr. Karrin S. Lukacs
Ms. Tammy A. Marco
Dr. Jeffrey H. Marlatt
Ms. Kimberly G. McDonald ’08, ’12
Mr. David L. McKinney
Mr. Anthony A. Miller
Dr. Martha J. Morrow
Dr. Clarresa M. Morton
Mr. Scott Anthony Musa
Mr. Greeley Myers
Dr. Scott A. Nelson
Ms. Elyse J. Nemec
Mr. Golder W. O’Neill ’92
Mr. Kalvin Oliver ’05
Dr. Kimberly S. Orrell
Dr. Barry Penn Hollar
Ms. Jane Danchisen Pittman ’89
Mr. Robert Pryor III
Ms. Donna Raczynski
Mrs. Kari A. Reed ’08
Mr. Burley Scott Rhinehardt
Ms. Sue C. Robinson ’85
Dr. Medea O. Ruhadze
Ms. Teresa Schweiger
Mr. Richard C. Shickle Sr.
Ms. Melissa Anne Smeltzer-Kraft
Ms. Ashley M. Smeltzer-Kraft
Dr. Janice Salyan Smith ’74
Mr. Bradley C. Snowden
Ms. Holly Rachel Standard ’11
Dr. Michael J. Stepniak
Mr. John V. Stevens
Dr. Karen Huff Stewart
Dr. Cindia Davis Stewart ’79
Mr. Ron G. Stickley ’02, ’11
Mrs. Jean E. Swartz
Ms. Elizabeth A. Temple
Dr. Karen L. Walker
Mr. John I. Winn
Mr. Drake D. Woodard
Mr. Scott W. Yoder
Dr. David S. Zerull
Student SUpporters
Courtney Brechemin
Tessa Climer
Joseph Davis
Ashley Foster
Ashante Green
Kaitlyn Hendershot
Caitlin Kievenaar
Jacob Russell

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