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The ’Doah Dialers call for change!

Current students connect with our alumni and parents to raise money for The Shenandoah Fund. The ’Doah Dialers are grateful for donors who SUpport the student experience of current and future students. Pick up the phone! The ‘Doah Dialers look forward to speaking with you soon.


Interested in being a ’Doah Dialer?

Are you a current student interested in an on-campus job that pays you to have great conversations with alumni and parents to encourage them to SUpport your SU experience?  ’Doah Dialers are confident, well-spoken students who are able to communicate the importance of giving to The Shenandoah Fund.

Click here to apply today!  If you would like to learn more about being a ‘Doah Dialer, click here for our policies and procedures!

Make money, raise money!

Meet the ’Doah Dialers!


 ElizabethLizzy-Emond Hathaway Emond ’17

  Major: Stage Management

  Hometown: New Canaan, Connecticut


 Emily-Ellis Emily Ann Ellis ’17

  Major: Music Education

  Hometown: Salisbury, Maryland


 Ashante Green  Ashante Green ’14, ’15

  Major: Arts Management

  Hometown: Fort Washington, MD


 Harmony Porter  Harmony Porter ’14, ’15

  Major: Arts Management

  Hometown: Owings, MD


 kelsey smithKelsey Smith ’15

  Major: Nursing

  Hometown: Williamsport, MD


kacey willis

  Kacey Willis ’15

  Major: Music Theatre

  Hometown: Dawsonville, GA


Kiersten Michel

Kiersten Michel ’16

  Major: Kinesiology/Dance

  Hometown: Manchester, MD


 warren zeff Waren Zeff  ’16

  Major: Psychology

  Hometown: Stephens City, VA


jordan mccaskill

 Jordan McCaskill ’17

  Major: Musical Theatre

  Hometown: Piscataway, NJ


  chris castanho Chris Castanho ’17

  Major: Musical Theatre

  Hometown: Rocky Hill, CT


kamryn burton

 Kamryn Burton ’17

  Major: Musical Theatre

  Hometown: Danville, VA


 michelle collazo Michelle Collazo ’17

  Major: History

  Hometown: Stephens City, VA


margaret butler  Margaret Butler ’17

  Major: Music Theatre

  Hometown: Flat Rock, NC


rebecca warring

 Rebecca Waring ’18

  Major: Criminal Justice

  Hometown: Carlisle, PA


Jazmon Martin

 Jazmon Martin ’18

  Major: Nursing

  Hometown: Madison Heights, VA


 Haley Hudson Haley Hudson ’18

  Major: Music Education

  Hometown: Grottoes, VA




If you have questions or comments about the ’Doah Dialers that are not answered on this page, please contact the Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Elyse Nemec, at

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