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The Office of Marketing and Communications supports the mission and goals of Shenandoah University, offering professional counsel and marketing communications services that meet the goals and objectives of the university’s strategic plan, mission and vision. Our talented staff combines the expertise and best practices of seasoned marketing and communications professionals with the institutional knowledge gained from working with all facets of the Shenandoah University community.


The Office of Marketing and Communications develops and implements strategies and initiatives that promote open and effective communications with Shenandoah University’s stakeholders. The office staff works to help our local, state and national audiences better understand our academic programs, our ongoing contributions to our community and the long-term benefits of higher education. Our efforts encourage all of SU’s audiences to develop and maintain a rewarding relationship with Shenandoah.We follow the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) code of ethicsfor the professional practice of public relations as well as the CASE code of ethics for advancement services.

Scott Spriggs, Chief Marketing & Creative Officer Phone: (540) 535-3577 E-mail: Cathy J. Loranger, Senior Copywriter Phone: (540) 665-4510 E-mail: Cathy Loranger has more than 30 years experience in public relations and marketing communications. She holds a master’s in communications management from Syracuse University, a bachelor’s in English and Communication Arts from Eastern…Read More
Emily Burner, director of media relations 540-545-7334 OMC manages an active news bureau, maintaining ongoing relationships with external media professionals, monitoring media coverage and scanning the headlines for information and issues relevant to the institution and its stakeholders. All media relations efforts begin with a strong message that supports the university’s brand, mission and vision.…Read More
The Marketing and Communications staff supports the crisis and safety objectives of the institution, serving as the communications team for the university’s Emergency Response Team. The staff is responsible for maintaining and executing the crisis communications portion of the Emergency Preparedness Plan. Responsibilities include primary communications with the news media and all internal and external…Read More
Cathy Loranger, senior copywriter 540-665-4510 Effective marketing and advertising begins with a well conceived strategic process. Shenandoah University’s professional Marketing and Communications staff begins this process by considering the needs of our clients and the research required to determine the services our stakeholders need. We also consider the financial budgets of our customers. We gather feedback and…Read More
Promoting the organization, its programs, events, and values through internal communications is a critical function for the Office of Marketing and Communications. Vibrant and effective communications between members of the campus community – students, faculty and staff – is imperative to a clear understanding of the university’s brand and its values. OMC works diligently to…Read More
The magazine of Shenandoah University Each issue of Shenandoah Magazine contains feature articles that have broad appeal and highlight issues of academic, national or global importance or have a human interest element. All features are related to Shenandoah and are supported by rich illustration and graphic design. Additionally, each issue contains university news, alumni news and…Read More