Shenandoah University’s brand is more than an assortment of graphic images or logos – it’s a collection of words, images, ideas and emotions that come immediately to mind when someone thinks about the institution. It represents those core qualities easily understood and valued by all its stakeholders. It reflects the unique personality or set of experiences that makes Shenandoah University distinctive from all other institutions of higher education.

The marketing and communications staff is actively involved in creating and implementing Shenandoah’s institutional brand strategy based on the university’s strategic plan, the university’s unique core values, culture, messages and institutional identity.

To manage and maintain the institution’s brand, the marketing and communications team is involved in all aspects of the process, from market research, to strategic planning, to creative execution to measurement and reporting using a brand leadership structure and process.

Over time, these efforts will consistently, effectively and efficiently communicate the university’s unrivaled and visionary brand, building trust, confidence and loyalty between the institution and its stakeholders. 

For more information contact:

Scott Spriggs, Chief Marketing & Creative Officer of the Office of Marketing and Communications

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Shenandoah University Logo Symbolism

Shenandoah University Logo Symbolism

Shenandoah University PowerPoint Template