Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing and overseeing the institution’s strategic direction, financial decisions and advancement initiatives. The board directs the operations of the university, working closely with the president.


Andrew U. Ferrari, Chair

Marjorie S. Lewis ’81, Vice Chair

Robert J. Frogale, Treasurer

James T. Vickers, Past Chair

Tracy Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., President and Registered Agent


Walter H. Aikens

Pamela A. Bell

C.J. Borden

William F. Brandt Jr.

Stephen P. Caruthers

Teresa A. Cluss

Laura N. Dabinett, M.D.

Mary Bruce Glaize ’97

The Rev. Dr. Jay M. Hanke

Stanley E. Harrison

The Rev. Tommy Herndon

L. Janell Hoffman ’91, ’93

Diane S. Kearns

Ann MacLeod

Art H. Major

Keith A. May

Richard R.J. Morin

Nicholas J. Nerangis Sr. ’04

Mark J. Ohrstrom ’92

Debra Orbacz ’04

Bipin B. Patel

The Rev. John B. Peters

Mary Farland Shockey

Gerald F. Smith Jr.

Harry S. Smith

Mark E. Stavish, Ed.D.

John D. Stokely Jr.

James A. Stutzman Jr. ’81

The Rev. Lawrence R. Thompson Jr.

Charles A. Veatch

F. Dixon Whitworth Jr.

James R. Wilkins Jr.

Heather H. Wilson ’93

Irene R. Wurtzel

Honorary Trustee

Miyako Kake

Trustees Emeriti

Frank Armstrong III

Dr. Warren L. Braun

Ruth D. Bridgeforth

Magalen O. Bryant

Massie Hawthorne Burns

Betty H. Carroll

William H. Clement

H. Robert Edwards

Wilbur M. Feltner

Hunter M. Gaunt Jr., M.D.

Elizabeth G. Helm

Jeffrey D. Hester ’85

John K. Marlow

The Hon. John O. Marsh Jr.

Suzanne W. McKown

Jan Neuharth

Larry T. Omps

Aubrey J. Owen

Charles A. Pine Jr.

Lacy I. Rice Jr.

Linda C. Russell

The Rev. Dr. Lee B. Sheafer

Ralph D. Shockey

C. Robert Solenberger

The Hon. Kenneth W. Starr

W. James Truettner Jr.

Kathryn Perry Werner

Maj. Gen. Charles E. Williams

The Rev. Dr. Raymond Wrenn