The Department of Public Safety at Shenandoah University prides itself in assisting the campus community as much as possible. The following are a few of our complimentary services:

Emergency Phones

Tall, blue emergency telephones are located across Shenandoah’s main campus. These phones exist to quickly connect individuals who feel they are in danger with the Department of Public Safety. When activated, the call goes straight to the DPS cell phone, a bright blue light flashes and, if DPS does not answer within two rings, the local 911 dispatcher is automatically dialed.

Safe Walk & Ride Program

The Safe Walk & Ride program offers all students, faculty, and staff an escort anytime, anywhere on campus, 24/7. Simply call (540) 678-4444, and a DPS officer will meet you and, depending on weather conditions, walk with you or drive you to on-campus destination.

Campus Shuttle Service

The Department of Public Safety offers a free shuttle service for students who need to get around campus. The shuttle begins each weekday at 7 a.m. at East Campus Commons and is followed by stops at Henkel Hall, Ruebush Hall, Halpin-Harrison Hall and Armstrong Hall (near the DPS office). The route takes 30 minutes, with the van returning to East Campus Commons on the hour and the half hour.

Vehicle Jumps/Unlocks & Room Openings

We’ve all done it. Locked our keys in the car. Rushed out of the house (or residence hall room) leaving the keys inside. Tried to start a car only to discover a dead battery. Don’t worry about those on campus. Call the Department of Public Safety at (540) 678-4444 and a DPS officer will open the car, unlock the room, or jump the battery – 24/7.