Shenandoah University Payment Plan Application Agreement

The Shenandoah University payment plan is available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted into a degree seeking program at Shenandoah University.

An application to participate in the payment plan must be submitted annually. The deadline to submit an application is July 1st.

The payment plan consists of 4 payments per term. Fall payments are due August 15th through November 15th. Spring payments are due December 15th through March 15th.

Payment plans include current term tuition, curriculum/mandatory fees and residential meal plans only.

A 2% set up fee is assessed per each term of enrollment in the payment plan.

Students must be registered for classes in order to be enrolled in the payment plan.

Residential students must be assigned to rooms in order to have the room and board charges included in the payment plan.

Applications for students, who are in Verification with the Financial Aid Office, will not be processed until the Verification process is completed.

Federal Work Study awards are not applied directly to students’ accounts or payment plans.

Outside scholarships and family contributions must be sent in with this application or they will not be considered when determining the monthly payment amount. Outside scholarships and family contributions that are received after receipt of this application will be applied to the monthly payment amount due.

Payments received on or after the 21st of each month will be assessed a late payment fee of $10.00.

Should an account become delinquent, the student will forfeit the privilege of enrolling in the payment plan in the future. The University will withhold access to register for upcoming terms, transcripts, diplomas, and other pertinent information until all financial obligations have been satisfied. The student/parent will be responsible for all collection and attorney’s fees involved in collecting this debt.

To apply for the payment plan, please printout and complete the SU Payment Plan Application

Payment Plan applications should be mailed to:Shenandoah University
Office of Student Accounts
1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA 22601

Fax 540-665-5433