1. Apply to Shenandoah University.

Contact the Office of Admissions to apply to Shenandoah University. Financial aid is not awarded until a student has been accepted to the university. However, if necessary, an estimate of aid available from Shenandoah can be made. A student’s application for admission will be used for consideration for forms of Shenandoah University scholarships such as the Academic Scholarship and the Presidential Scholarship.

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The FAFSA is updated every year by the U.S. Department of Education and is available for the upcoming academic year after January 1. The FAFSA is filed on-line at http://www.fafsa.gov/.

The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for aid such as grants, federal student and parent loans, and work-study. An estimate of federal aid can be found at the following Web site: http://www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov/.

It is strongly recommended students sign the FAFSA on-line by using the Federal Student Aid ID. Both students and their parents (if applicable) can obtain a Federal Student Aid ID.

To ensure Shenandoah University receives your FAFSA, be sure to list our Federal School Code: 003737.

The FAFSA must be filed each academic year in order to be considered for financial aid, with the exception of Shenandoah University’s academic scholarships.

3. Complete any applicable grant or scholarship applications.

Certain forms of financial aid at Shenandoah University have separate applications other than the FAFSA. It is important to ensure these forms are submitted to the Financial Aid Office prior to their due date. For example, the application for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) is due July 31, while the Virginia Conference United Methodist Scholarship application is due May 31.

Once we have received the results of your FAFSA, and you have been admitted as a degree-seeking student into Shenandoah University, we will begin the process of determining your eligibility for financial aid. You will receive materials at your home address which must be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office as quickly as possible. Delays in returning these materials to our office could adversely affect the availability of your financial aid. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office via e-mail finaid@su.edu or by phone at (540) 665-4538 or (800) 432-2266.