Shenandoah University Special Purpose Fees

Student Services Fee (Mandatory*) $150.00/term

(*excludes part-time, rotation and distance learning students)

Application & Processing Fees

Degree or Certificate Seeking $30
Non- Degree Seeking $20

Applied Music Lessons-Elective Studies

Major (one hour) Lesson $550/lesson
Minor (one hour) Lesson $300/lesson

Deposits- New Students

Undergraduate Tuition Deposit $300
Graduate Tuition Deposit (AT, OT, PA, PT) $500
Pharmacy Tuition Deposit $1000

Deposit- Returning Students

Room Lottery Deposit $100/year

Miscellaneous Fees

ID Card Replacement          $25.00
Late Registration Fee          $50.00
Parking Permit          $ 115.00/year
Returned Check Fee          $25.00 per check

Technology Fees

Full-Time Students* $160/term
IMLearning Hardware Fee $285/term
Non-Traditional Pharmacy $100.00

(*Refer to degree program for mandatory requirements)

Wellness Center Fees

Admission Physical* $40.00
Late Fee (Physical healthy Examination Form) $25.00
Health Insurance† $1,484.00

(*Health Sciences & Residential Students)
(†All students must either provide proof of health insurance or purchase health insurance.)