C & I – Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences seeking to become licensed as teachers take courses in the Arts and Sciences as the predominant part of their first two years at the University. Courses that relate to teaching, children, and schools are the predominant part of their third and fourth years in the program. Students in the programs seeking endorsement in elementary or secondary education will be required to declare a major in one of the following liberal arts areas: biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, kinesiology (PK-12), or University Studies (PK-8). As part of their degree requirements, they also must complete the requirements of the core curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences. The core is a cohesive, planned program, which provides the student a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Students seeking licensure in PK-6 must complete specific courses in the core curriculum as well as additional requirements in math and science.

With the formal application into the Teacher Education Program, students must submit Virginia passing scores on all sections of the Praxis I exam. Students must successfully complete Praxis II before student teaching. Additionally, VCLA and VRA (elementary ed only) must be passed. Thus, a program completer will have passed both Praxis exams, VCLA, and VRA (if needed). In addition, students must receive satisfactory ratings on a formal checklist from advisors and faculty on their professional attitude, communication skills, and cooperation within the academic community. Shenandoah University reserves the right to determine the fitness of an individual to student teach.

Specifically, with the Teacher Education program application, Shenandoah University requires the following for an applicant to be considered for acceptance into the teacher education program.

  1. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation; one (1) from a professional in the field of your major and one (1) from a professional outside the field of your major.
  2. Submit official transcripts showing a grade point average of at least 2.9 in the area of your major and an overall grade point average of at least 2.5.
  3. Praxis I scores-passing by Virginia standards:
    Score reports must be sent to Shenandoah University’s Admissions Office.

All students must complete the General Education Curriculum (and College/School/Division requirements), the requirements of their major, minor, concentrations, and a minimum of 120 semester hours for a baccalaureate degree.

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