‘Doah Dialers

The ’Doah Dialers call for change! The connections that current students make with our alumni and parents not only raise money for The Shenandoah Fund, but also give donors the opportunity to SUpport the SU experience of our current and future students.  The ’Doah Dialers thank our donors and look forward to speaking with you soon!

Make money, raise money! Are you a current student interested in an on-campus job that pays you to have great conversations with alumni and parents to encourage them to SUpport your SU experience?  ’Doah Dialers are confident, well-spoken students who are able to communicate the importance of giving to The Shenandoah Fund. Click here to apply today!  To view the 'Doah Dialer policies and procedures, click here!

If you have questions or comments about the ’Doah Dialers, please contact Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Elyse Nemec, at enemec@su.edu.