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The MSN/MBA track is designed to address the needs of the professional nurse administrator working in an integrated and complex health care organization. This graduate option is jointly administered by the School of Nursing, School of Health Professions and the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business. This is a dual degree track that combines theory and practice of nursing and business administration. The student will earn both an MSN and MBA from the respective schools.

In this cooperative program, each school controls its own admissions policy and its own academic program. Cooperation involves the consideration by each school of certain coursework taken in the other school, and in the scheduling of courses to facilitate completion of the requirements of both the MSN and MBA degrees. In particular, the Byrd School accepts 12 credits that the nursing student completes with the grade of “B” or higher as part of the MBA requirements.

Course Requirements


Course Title Hrs.
HSM 640 Health System Management: Organization 3
HSML 650 Health System Management Practicum I 3
HSM 660 Health System Management: Population 3
HSML 670 Health System Management Practicum II 3
N 512 Theory, Reasoning and Research I 3
N 521 Theory, Reasoning and Research II 3
N 532 Role and Issues in Adv. Practice 3* 3*
N 506 Data Analysis and Interpretation 1 3
ACCT 501 Foundation of Accounting
ECN 501 Foundation of Economic 3
BAFI 502 Foundation of Finance 1.5
MKT 502 Foundation of Marketing 1.5
MGT 513 Organizations and Structure and behavior  3

Subtotal 36

Degree Requirements for MBA (Courses that are required after MSN)

Course Title Hrs.
ACCT 511 Accounting For Decision Making and Control 3
BAFI 517 Financial Management 3
ECN 512 Business Forecasting 1.5
ECN 514 International Economic Analysis 1.5
MGT 536 Human Resource Management 1.5
MGT 538 Legal and Ethical Perspectives 1.5
MIS 514 Decision Science and MIS 3
MIS 514 Decision Science and MIS 3
MKT 511 Marketing Management and Strategy
SCM 530 Operation and Supply Chain Management 3
MGT 611 Integrative Management 3

Subtotal 24 

Total requirement for MSN/MBA – 60 Credits

We are excited you are interested in one of our graduate nursing programs! Shenandoah reviews applications on a rolling basis, which means we will begin evaluating your application once all your documentation has been submitted. Students submitting completed applications before our priority deadlines will be considered first. All applications received after these dates will be considered based on space available.

For all graduate nursing programs, the priority application deadline for fall entry is May 1. For spring entry, the priority application deadline is November 1. For summer entry, the priority application deadline is March 1.

Before you apply, please review the requirements for your specific program. In addition to program-specific admissions requirements, please review the following information. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 540-665-4581.

Applicants who have been dismissed from any graduate program of nursing are not eligible for admission or readmission to the SU School of Nursing.

More information about Health Requirements may be found on the Wilkins Wellness page.

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