The Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy offers a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD degree) for traditional and nontraditional students. The traditional students can earn a PharmD/MBA, a degree in conjunction with the Byrd School of Business. A Pharmacogenomics program is also offered in conjunction with The George Washington University.

Traditional Program

Pharmacy is a highly respected profession that is both challenging and rewarding. It offers many career opportunities in areas such as: clinical pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, home infusion therapy, industry, managed care, general hospital and community pharmacy. The Doctor of Pharmacy.  Read More

Non-Traditional Pathway

Shenandoah University’s Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy is one of the newer and most technologically advanced schools of pharmacy in the United States. Housed in a state-of-the-art facility, the school offers a clinical doctorate that is reflective of the challenging and rapidly evolving health care environment. The online Non-traditional Doctor of Pharmacy. Read More


Pharmocogenomics is the combination of two scientific fields: pharmacology (the study of drug action within the body) and genomics (the study of an individual’s genome). Therefore, pharmacogenomics involves understanding how an individual’s genetic make-up affects a body’s response to drug therapy.  Read More


The cooperative Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration (Pharm.D./MBA) program is designed to aid students who seek positions of management and leadership that require a combination of patient care and management skills. Read More