Parking and Driving Policy

Parking and Driving Policy

The Department of Public Safety welcomes all individuals to Shenandoah University and invites everyone to take a few minutes to review our parking policy.  Our policy is designed with safety and efficiency in mind.  We ask you to be mindful that this policy pertains to all locations owned or operated by the University.  It is also important to remember the Motor Vehicle Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia also apply on all University property.

With safety in mind, our goal is to make this policy mutually beneficial to the entire campus community click below to access the current Parking Regulations.

Shenandoah University Parking and Driving Policy


If you are a visitor and have received a violation please bring the ticket to the Public Safety Office as soon as possible.

If you believe you have received a parking violation in error, please click the link below. To submit you must log into google with your Shenandoah University email account.

Appeal Form