Six courses will challenge your thinking

Course 1 (fall semester, year one)
Religion 110: The Global Context of Christian Leadership

Course 2 (spring semester, year one)
Religion 112: Christian Discipleship

Course 3 (fall semester, year two)
Religion 210: Introduction to Hebrew Bible

Course 4 (spring semester, year two)
Religion 211: Introduction to the New Testament

Course 5 (fall semester, year three)
Religion 301: Christian Theology

Course 6 (spring semester, year three)
Religion 321: Church Leadership

Annual Events will broaden your perspective

Each year the JustFaith cohorts have the opportunity to participate in an event to explore issues of justice and faith. This year the Justfaith cohorts will be attending:

Justice Conference
February 22nd-23rd, 2013
Philadelphia, PA

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Major in whatever field of study you like, and graduate with a certificate in Christian Leadership, too. The JustFaith Christian Leadership Certificate Program is a three-year cohort program that integrates “knowing, being and doing.” It aims to prepare and empower individuals who are committed to spiritual depth and social justice as integral aspect of the church’s ministry in a global context. The curricular component involves six religion courses (one each semester) that fulfill requirements for a minor in religion. In addition to curricular requirements, students in the cohort are part of a covenant group, they have a professional and spiritual mentor, they and participate in service and/or ministry activities on campus.

To learn more about the JustFaith Christian Leadership Certificate Program, contact The Rev. Dr. Justin Allen, dean of Spiritual Life and director of the Institute for Church Professions, at (540) 535-3546, jallen3@su.edu or spirituallife@su.edu

You may also contact Professor of Philosophy and Religion Barry Penn-Hollar at bpennhol@su.edu