Retreats are offered throughout the year as a time spent away from one’s normal life for the purpose of reconnecting. Spiritual Life retreats allow time for reflection, prayer, or meditation.

spirit unleashed climbing

Spirit Unleashed is an over-night off-campus hiking and canoe trip. By the middle of September, classes will be in full swing
and students will be in need of a break for a night. The Office
of Spiritual Life hosts a Spirit Unleashed overnight trip that
departs after classes on Friday and returns Saturday before dinner.
Cost is only $30 per student; everything included.

Spots are limited, so register now by contacting Spiritual Life Coordinator Amanda Shenk at 540/545-7237 or

refresh group photo

Take time to Refresh for free!
Crazy, hectic, chaotic schedules need time for Sabbath. Time to stop, think, reflect and dream. Students are invited to join the Office of Spiritual Life for five days and four nights at the conclusion of the spring semester to think about the year just ended and the new academic year ahead. Enjoy dinner shows and hiking, too. The trip is totally free, and it’s open to all students, including those who graduate in the May.
For more info contact the Office of Spiritual Life,!