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Meet Our Supporters

Shenandoah Conservatory gratefully acknowledges the support of its patrons. We extend a special thanks to those donors who have contributed to our most recent campaigns in support of academic excellence and access to exceptional artists.

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The engagements by Manual Cinema and Ballet Hispánico are made possible through the ArtsCONNECT program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support for Ballet Hispánico is provided by Marion Park Lewis Foundation.

Established in 2016, the Dean’s Circle is an initiative that invites arts lovers to be a part of an extraordinary time of growth and development at Shenandoah Conservatory. Members receive access to exclusive events and are an integral part of the Shenandoah Conservatory community.

Dean’s Circle


Mr. & Mrs. Andrew U. Ferrari


Ms. Amy Fielder
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Hunter


Dr. Peter G. Bullough
Dr. J. Thomas Mitts & Dr. W. Dudley Oakes

Mr. & Mrs. Dale M. Barley
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Bell
Ms. Rebecca A. Bowman
Ms. Judith L. Britcher & Dr. Patrick McDermott
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Brown, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Jette Campbell
The Doctors Laura Dabinett & Russell McKelway
Ms. Clare Monahan Dame
Ms. Kathleen Diamond & Mr. Robert Beckwith
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Ellis
Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons & Mr. J. Knox Singleton
Ms. April A. Gannon
Mrs. Shirley H. Gaunt
Ms. Susanne S. Jackson
Marjorie & John Lewis
Melanie & Perry Mathewes
Col. & Mrs. Bernard E. McDaniel
Eleanor Pendleton Monahan
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart A. Monroe
Mr. Kunduck Moon
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell L. Moore
Dr. & Mrs. William M. Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Neese
Mr. & Mrs. David Reith
Dr. Timothy J. & Mrs. Carolyn Robblee
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Roberts
Mary P. Robinson
Dr. Ryan D. Romine & Dr. Byron A. Jones
Dr. Michael Stepniak & Dr. Anne Schempp
Col. & Mrs. Thomas D. Stouffer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Tanguay
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Taylor
Dr. Ryuji Ueno
Dr. David Allen White
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wilkins Jr.


Dr. & Mrs. Lionel D. Chisholm
Ms. Inger Heindl Coopchik
Mrs. Ruann N. George
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. McCarthy
Ms. Beverly J. Scheuring
Mrs. Theron K. Rinehart


In September 2011, Shenandoah University launched its All-Steinway School Initiative and since then, has raised $2.7 million to add 27 new Steinways and 57 Steinway-produced Bostons to Shenandoah Conservatory’s fleet of concert, studio, and rehearsal pianos. The fundraising  campaign was slated take five years yet the university, with support from generous donors, completed it in four. Now that the initiative is completed, Shenandoah Conservatory joins an elite group—seven conservatories in the United States and a total of 14 worldwide—that bear the coveted “All-Steinway School” status, affirming its commitment to excellence in pre-professional training for all students. Below are the people and organizations that provided major gifts in contribution to the success of this initiative.

Steinway Benefactors

Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Aikens
Mr. James C. Baratta
Mrs. C. J. Borden
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Boxley
Dr. Sue M. & Mr. James E. Boyd
Dr. Deron Robert Boyles
Mrs. Michelle S. Camper
Ms. Cynthia Carlton
Dr. Frans Claasen
The Rev. Dr. Rhonda VanDyke Colby
Dr. Laura N. Dabinett & Dr. Russell B. McKelway
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Downing
Mr. & Mrs. H. Robert Edwards
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Ellis
Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons
Mrs. Jane M. Foster
Mr. & Mrs. John Frederick Frey
Dr. & Mrs. Hunter M. Gaunt Jr.
Mrs. Ruann N. George
Miss Stuart T. Greene
The Rev. Dr. Gregory L. Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. Burgess L. Hoffman
David L. Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Howard
Ms. Kendra W. Ingram
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn C. Kessler
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Laidlaw
Dr. Madlon T. & Dr. James H. Laster
Marjorie & John Lewis
Estate of Aubrey R. Liskey
Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Mauck
Capt. Patsy L. McKelvy USN Ret
Mrs. Mary L. Miller
Mrs. Anne B. Mitchell
Eleanor P. Monahan
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart A. Monroe
Sharon & Mitchell Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Jay Mosher
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Ohrstrom
Debra Stewart & Robert Gerald Orbacz
Mr. & Mrs. H. Edward Peters
Jane Danchisen Pittman
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Rudy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Rutkaus
Newton B. Shingleton Trust
Mary & Don Shockey
Dr. & Mrs. Terry L. Sinclair
Ms. Stephanie Lynn Small
Kaye & J.J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Randy R. Stoughton
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Szoka III
Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges
Mrs. Helen H. Walker
Kathryn M. & Rupert W. Werner
Dr. & Mrs. H. George White Jr.
Mr. Gregg Wilder
Mr. James R. Wilkins III
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wilkins Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Wurtzel

2019/20 World of the Piano Banner

World of the Piano

Endowed Concert Sponsors

Dr. Laura N. Dabinett & Dr. Russell B. McKelway • Annual Dabinett/McKelway Performance Fund

Piano Society

Shenandoah University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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