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Virtual Reality Design Certificate



Shenandoah Debuts Two One-of-a-kind Majors

In a technology lab at Shenandoah University in Virginia, students battle monsters, partake in lunar landings, experience a Civil Rights-era sit-in, and play soccer in rocket-powered cars. The Shenandoah Center for Immersive Learning (SCiL) lab is the university’s tech hub and the home of the school’s virtual reality and esports programs.

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Irish Software Firm Launch Virtual Reality Learning Tool

ENGAGE has been in production for over two years – it has gone through rigorous development & testing phases and is now fully functional and ready for use around the globe. We have already partnered with Shenandoah University in the US and Nokia to roll out this platform to students and staff.

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VR Education

VR Education Launches Engage Virtual Training Platform

The Waterford-based firm is targeting education and corporate training markets, with Engage Education and Engage Enterprise, and has signed partnerships with Nokia and Shenandoah University. Content developed through VR Education’s partnership with the BBC, the University of Bristol, the University of Oxford and the University of New Haven is already available on the new platform.

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