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Dr. Susan O. Schall

SusanSusan works with manufacturing leaders to compete today and tomorrow using SOS Consulting, LLC’s Roadmap to Competitive Results. Susan has over 30 years of experience delivering over $250 million using engineering, statistical and business process improvement methodologies. Through this success, she has learned that the foundation to competitive advantage is organization health, of which trust is the foundation. Clients include manufacturing organizations in the chemical, food, automotive, and printing industries. Prior to consulting, Susan held a variety of technical and leadership roles at RR Donnelley, GE Lighting, DuPont and Kodak.

Susan is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) and America Society for Quality (ASQ), serving in local and national roles. She was a member of the 2006 and 2008 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners. She is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Certified Facilitator of Five Behaviors of Cohesive Team Powered by Everything DiSC and Everything DiSC Workplace.


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What Does Trust Have to do With Leadership?

Trust is a core competency of leadership that is desperately needed in today’s competitive environment. Many believe it is intangible, unmeasurable and unteachable. Rather, it is a competency that can be understood, learned, and applied; something every leader can measure and improve. Trust is the multiplier in the formula for the achievement of quality / performance excellence. This presentation will define trust, its costs and benefits, the three pillars of personal, relational and organizational trust, and the 13 corresponding behaviors that build high trust. The relationships between trust and the work of leaders will be explored to demonstrate that trust has everything to do with leadership. Attendees will receive free access to trust surveys.