Student Printing with WEPA

WEPA (Wireless Everywhere, Print Anywhere) is a cloud printing service available for students.  Print kiosks are located in several buildings across campus, including two in Smith Library.  Printing costs $0.09 per page (B/W) and $0.49 for color.  Printing front and back saves $0.02. Students may add money to their WEPA account at the URL below, pay with a credit/debit card, or purchase WEPA print cards at the library circulation desk.

Library Bookscan Stations

The University Libraries have replaced all photocopiers with Library Bookscan Stations.  Each station enables the user to scan and email documents to themselves, or to share with others.  The Bookscan Stations are easy to use, and there is no charge to use them.  Smith Library has two Bookscan Stations and the Health Sciences Library has one.

Faxing Service

Smith Library provides a faxing service to students for free.  Faculty and staff are asked to provide a long-distance access code.