The Student Government Association is the advocacy group representing all Shenandoah students. SGA members are the students who lead the way toward making your campus experience memorable. The SGA is comprised of three branches. The first branch is the Executive Branch which are elected officials and appointed cabinet members. The second branch is the House of Delegates (legislative branch) one representative from over 50-plus student organizations. SGA meetings are held bi-weekly in the Brandt Student Center. The third branch is the Student Judicial Council which is a three person panel comprised of a Chief Justice, an undergraduate Associate Justice, and a graduate Associate Justice responsible for interpreting the constitution and bylaws of SGA, hear cases brought before its panel for resolution, and to provide accountability to the SGA and its recognized student organizations.

Our Mission

The Shenandoah University Student Government Association (SGA) serves to unite the voices of the entire student body by fostering a shared responsibility toward effective problem solving in order to help all students achieve their goals. The SGA creates leaders inside and outside the meeting room — leaders who can translate their skills to effectively improve campus clubs and organizations.

SGA seeks feedback from the campus community in order to advance programming, policy making and the overall student experience at Shenandoah University.

SGA is an organization led by undergraduate and graduate students who are elected by fellow Shenandoah students to represent the entire student body. The SGA influences the university’s decision-making process by serving as a liaison between the student body and administrative branches of the university.

SGA is committed to understanding the needs of all students and ensuring their Shenandoah experiences are meaningful and successful.

Our Executive Team

Monika Debski, Student Body President

Nolan Overby, Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs

Diane Soto, Vice President for Graduate Affairs


President’s Cabinet

 Myles A. Hairston, Chief of Staff

Allison Goedker, Director of Professional Development

Jerry Van, Director of Finance

Joseph Scott, Director of Communications

Daniel Hillgren, Special Projects Officer

Olivia Baker, Special Projects Officer


The SGA Judicial Council

In 2013-14 Student Body President Joshua McCauley appointed three members to the SGA Student Judicial Council during the first term of the Fall semester. Each Justice will serve their term until graduation, resignation, or impeachment. The SGA Student Judicial Council serves to interpret the laws of the SGA constitution and bylaws, hear cases brought before its panel for resolution, and to provide accountability to the SGA and its recognized student organizations.

Chief Justice: Emily Howdyshell

Undergraduate Associate Justice:

Graduate Associate Justice: Grace Park

Executive Clerk:


The SGA House of Delegates / Legislative Council

President of the House of Delegates

Presiding Officers: Nolan Overby and Diane Soto (

The Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs in partnership with the Vice President for Graduate Affairs serves as the presiding officer and president of the House of Delegates. The president appoints delegates to serve as commission chair, leads the HOD meetings, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Speaker of the House

Speaker: T.J. Chapman

The Speaker of the House serves as parliamentarian during SGA house of delegate meetings and clerk of records for all official SGA legislative documents. The Speaker assists the president of the house of delegates in the day-to-day operations. In the absence of either of the Vice Presidencies, the Speaker of the House shall assume the Vice Presidency until a special election is held.

Finance Commission


The Finance Commission is responsible for managing and approving all expenditures of the Student Government Association. The Finance Commission oversees the student organizations operating budget which serves as a financial resource for student organizations seeking to advance their mission.

Rules Commission


The Rules Commission is responsible for reviewing proposed legislation and constitutional amendments to check that they do not conflict with the SGA Constitution, any recognized student organization’s constitution, or university policies. The Commission is also responsible for investigating any misconduct by SGA members and leaders. All cases are adjudicated before the SGA Judicial Court.

Student Organizations Commission


The Student Organizations Commission is responsible for overseeing the approval process of student organizations seeking SGA recognition and their leadership development, and it advocates for resources and services on campus for SGA approved groups. The commissions organizes the annual student organizations labor day fair and awards/recognition reception each spring.

The SGA Commission for Student Organizations annually assesses SGA approved organizations to determine if they continue to meet their constitutional and organizational goals and objectives. The assessment may focus on but is not limited to fiscal operations, leadership development and membership retention and recruitment, programming and general wellbeing.

Elections Commission


The Elections Commission is responsible for oversight and administration of the SGA elections for the executive council and for fulfilling the placement of vacancies within the House of Delegates. The commission organizes the recruitment of candidates, the SGA presidential and vice presidential debate, and the inauguration of the executive council.

Graduate Student Assembly

Chair: Diane Soto, vice president for Graduate Affairs (

The Graduate Student Assembly is responsible for organizing and leading graduate student activities, facilitate inter-graduate student relations, organize the Grad Bash event hosted annually, and serve as an advocate and bridge of communication for all graduate-level students.

Contact Us

The SGA Executive Officers hold weekly office hours at various locations. While the main office is located in Winchester at the Brandt Student Center, please feel free to email or Facebook us with questions, comments, or ideas on how to improve your Shenandoah experience.

Director of Student Engagement & SGA Advisor: Rick S. McClendon, M.Ed.

Office: Brandt Student Center




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