I Want To Help People

Shenandoah offers a breadth of opportunities and experiences to prepare you to help others and excel in your career aspirations. There are many different areas of health care, including emerging fields that are developing and being added to Shenandoah’s fleet of health care programs every year.

Health Care at SU

I'm Looking for an Athletic Career

How can you turn your passion for athletics into a major? Check out these majors that will keep you involved in the world of athletics and land you in a successful career path!

Athletic Careers & Student-Athletes

I Love to Perform

Experience the world-renowned Shenandoah Conservatory. Study with master teachers in Music, Theatre, Dance, and Arts Management. Unite with fellow artists and join an alumni family that takes center stage from Broadway to the concert halls of Europe.

Conservatory Programs

I’m Not Sure What To Major In

College is a place to explore your options and find your passion as you try new things. Take your time and experiment at SU; then when you do decide on a major you’ll make an informed choice that’s right for you.

Undecided Majors

Fast-Track, Guaranteed-Admit Graduate Health Professions

Freshman applicants interested in graduate health professions have a variety of competitive and non-competitive tracks to graduate school.

Shenandoah University offers fast-track, guaranteed-admit programs for academically talented students in:

Athletic Training—3 + 2.5 years
Occupational Therapy—3 + 2.5 years
Pharmacy—3 + 4 years
Physical Therapy—3 + 3 years


Eligibility is determined by a student's high school GPA and test scores, observation hours, and interview. 

Guaranteed-Admit Requirements

Study & Travel Abroad

Shenandoah University’s international programs provide global experiences and study abroad opportunities that encourage students, faculty and staff to engage in the larger community to make a difference globally.

Global Citizenship Project (GCP)

Each spring break, Shenandoah sends 50 selected students, faculty, and staff to international destinations to help broaden their horizons. 

Global Experiential Learning (GEL)

Participate in short-term, faculty-led, study abroad programs for academic credit! GEL trips occur for a few weeks during spring, summer, or winter break.

Study Abroad

Make studying abroad the highlight of your college experience! Whether you go for a year, a semester, or just a few weeks, you will never forget learning in another culture!

Learn More About Study and Travel Abroad

With such a busy schedule, my professors and advisor have helped me become super organized and develop great time management skills. I have such a close relationship with all of them, the small class sizes make this easy! They realize my potential even when I don't, and they have taken me to multiple conferences in different states, so that I can network with others in the Sport Management field."

Kelani Bailey | Sport Management, ’16

Shenandoah offers me a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best teachers and musicians in the nation. Because of my time at Shenandoah, I have become exactly who I wanted to be when I first picked up the trumpet 13 years ago. I have traveled the nation performing with different groups and have made extremely important contacts because of the faculty of Shenandoah."

Michael Christie | Jazz Studies, ‘17

It All Leads Here | Shenandoah Commencement

Dear White Coat, when we first met on the stage of that white coat ceremony, I felt that I had no right to bear such a symbol of honor, of responsibility. When I took an oath to do everything in my power to protect my patients, I still felt a little intimidated and that I may be too small to be the man who's destined to wear such a prestigious coat like you. As the semesters rolled on, putting you on felt less like a burden and more like a symbol of confidence and intellect. I knew this day would come, when we would take our last ride. I'll never forget the lives we changed, the differences we made. Now as you claim your rightful place alongside graduation robes and you stand as a testament of hard work, grit, but most importantly, faith."

Shawn Kohlhaas | Doctor of Pharmacy, ‘16


Commencement at SU

Areas of Study