Admission to the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy occurs once a year for entrance into a fall cohort.

Preparing Pharmacists for the Future

As health care becomes more team-based and personalized, pharmacists continue to play a vital role in the safe and effective use of medications in patient care. Shenandoah University pharmacy students train to become astute and insightful decision makers on the health care team. As professionals, they’re prepared to meet the complex needs of an increasingly diverse patient population.

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Shenandoah University’s Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy is a progressive and technologically advanced school of pharmacy in the United States. Housed in state-of-the-art facilities, students experience small class sizes, accessible faculty, individualized attention, innovative technology and international travel.

Working with faculty members, pharmacist preceptors, other healthcare professionals, and fellow students from Shenandoah’s nursing & respiratory care, physician assistant and physical therapy programs, you’ll provide invaluable medical services that make a difference to underserved populations in the local community and around the world. Our close proximity to Washington, D.C., and federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the FDA, provide access to summer internships, unique experiential rotations and valuable career experiences.

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Student Life

pharm-student-lifeMore than 85% of our student pharmacists participate in student organizations and their contributions are broad and diverse. Our student pharmacists sponsor and coordinate community projects and health fairs; are active in professional organizations at the local, state and national levels; and influence decisions within the School and on campus through representation in governing committees and special projects.

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The Dunn School of Pharmacy faculty is committed to providing a positive learning environment where students can grow both professionally and personally. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 10 to 1, you’ll enjoy close relationships with faculty who are caring and dedicated to preparing you for a professional career in pharmacy. During your first semester, you’ll partner with a faculty adviser who will provide you with guidance for the duration of the program.

Pharmacy Faculty

Keith Fairall ‘13

"I chose Shenandoah mainly for the family feel. As soon as I did my interview here on site, it was evident that the faculty were very close with their students, they knew them all by name. And even the students, my first day of school here, I swear that some of the upperclassmen knew me by name already. There was a lot of one-on-one where you could talk to the faculty and really pick their brains on a topic. It was a great learning atmosphere."


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