Shenandoah 2025

Mission Statement

Shenandoah University educates and inspires individuals to be critical, reflective thinkers; lifelong learners; and ethical, compassionate citizens who are committed to making responsible contributions within a community, a nation and the world.


Shenandoah University will be nationally recognized for forward thinking programs that produce competitive and purposeful graduates.

Shenandoah University will be highly valued for:

  • particular strength, both academically and institutionally, in the performing arts, healthcare and entrepreneurship
  • education that prepares students not only for the present but for the future
  • a commitment to intellectual and creative rigor and liberal arts infused curricula
  • a campus culture of compassion, responsibility, advocacy and justice which graduates are inspired to replicate in communities beyond Shenandoah
  • a sustainable educational and financial model within a changing educational market

2025 Themes

  1. Inspire Students Through Transformative Learning

    Shenandoah University will focus on rigorous, innovative programs and engaged student learning.

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  2. Prioritize Student Success

    Complementing transformative learning is Shenandoah University’s unwavering commitment to student success. Shenandoah University will dedicate its time, ideas and resources to provide the highest level of quality in career and graduate school preparation, life preparation and degree completion.

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  3. Build/Create a World Class Learning Environment

    Shenandoah university will aggressively seek to provide facilities, infrastructure and a supportive culture to facilitate and inspire transformative learning and student success.

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  4. Achieve an Adaptive and Sustainable Financial and Educational Model

    Shenandoah University will improve the value equation to the student while increasing the University’s financial viability in a changing educational market (in a changing marketplace).

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Areas of Study