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Explore Your Apple Technology

All incoming full-time, undergraduate students and full time students in designated graduate programs will receive an environmentally friendly MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad Pro 9.7 (32GB, WiFi) with an Apple Pencil.  These mobile tools allow students to access the university’s academic resources and library services wherever they are and whenever they need them.

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We’re Here to Help 24/7

If you have a problem or question about your iMLearning Technology, we are here to help!

Stop by the IC Help Desk Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm, on the main Winchester campus and at the IC Help Desk at the Health Professions Building from 11:15-3:15 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 9:15-12:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. Support staff are also available at the Northern Virginia Campus.

Weekend and after hours support is available 24/7. Call the Help Desk at 540-665-5555 any time and someone will answer!

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Learning with Apple


Take it With You

If students are enrolled full-time for eight semesters and pay an iMLearning fee for all eight, they keep the equipment when they leave Shenandoah!

Don’t Worry, You’re Covered

All iMLearning devices include AppleCare. The MacBook Pro has a four year AppleCare plan and the iPad Pro has a one year plan. You don’t have to worry about ever being without a computer, if yours needs to be fixed we will give you a loaner in the meantime.

Students will have to pay a deductible for repairs caused by damages to their equipment that are not covered by AppleCare (liquid damage, dropped/broken, etc.).


Apple in the Classroom

iMLearning transforms the teaching and learning experiences. Professors can provide online resources, while making the most of class time to interact with students. Students can easily research topics, collaborate on assignments, present using iMovie, communicate with professors, and participate in online discussions. Collaboration software helps create a learning community that prepares students for the teamwork required in today’s modern workplace.

Apple Distinguished Programs

Two Shenandoah University programs, Pharmacogenomics and Music Production and Recording Technology (MPRT), have been named Apple Distinguished Programs three-times running since 2012 through 2018!



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