Steinway Models

  1. Steinway Model D

    The Steinway & Sons Model D (also known as the "Concert Grand") is the overwhelming choice of artists and educational institutions throughout the world. It is the standard by which all other concert grand pianos are judged. At 8' 11 3/4" (274cm) in length, this majestic musical instrument is the overwhelming choice to the world's greatest pianists. This piano will completely satisfy those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression.

  2. Steinway Model B

    This magnificent seven-foot grand piano is often described as “the perfect piano.” In terms of balance, beauty and power, it has no equal. The choice of top recording studios, it is also the piano many Steinway artists have in their homes. Wonderfully balanced and versatile, it performs extremely well in both intimate settings and mid-sized venues. It is the musical instrument that those who love the piano can’t wait to play. No matter where you want to go, this piano will get you there.

  3. Steinway Model A

    At 6 feet 2 inches, this amazing piano sounds like a much larger model. The powerful yet warm sound is the result of an amazing scale design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to freely and efficiently vibrate, producing a sound that simply cannot be experienced in any piano other than a Steinway. Its slightly longer keys give the player a sense of heightened sensitivity and control. The size of this piano is large enough to satisfy those who demand a full, rich bass — yet small enough to beautifully fit into almost any studio.

  4. Steinway Boston

    The Steinway designed Boston Piano — long unrivaled in its class and unmatched in value — has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the new Performance Edition. The Boston Performance Edition features improvements in materials, specifications, and performance never before seen in the mid-price range.

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