CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute

The Pedagogy program is a thriving community of researchers, faculty and students who are committed to merging scientific research with intuitive knowledge.  Shenandoah Conservatory is one of only six institutions in the country with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in voice pedagogy.   We are the first institution to offer the Master of Music in Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM).


Student experiences are enriched by close interaction with our faculty and guest clinicians which include Grammy Award winners, Broadway stars and coaches, jazz artists, and potential employers from all over the world.   Jeannette LoVetri, Artist-in-Residence and creator of Somatic Voicework™, leads our Summer CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute, supported by our team of dynamic, vibrant, and expert faculty.

Students gain the pedagogical skills to teach in a wide range of styles including musical theatre, country, pop, jazz, rock, and blues. 


Janette E. Ogg Voice Research Center (JOVRC)

The internationally recognized Janette E. Ogg Voice Research Center serves as a central hub for our vocal pedagogy students. Our students and faculty collaborate in research projects that are published in the Journal of Voice and the Journal of Singing.  Many have authored books produced by Nova Science Publishers, and other print media. They regularly present research at international conferences including the Voice Foundation Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice, the Pan-European Vocology Conference, Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation, the UCSF Voice Conference, and Johan Sundberg’s Function of the Singing Voice in Sweden.

Research tools available in the JOVRC:

  • VoceVistaPro with glottal enterprises PC-2 EGG – we also have a modified version of VoceVista that allows longer LTAS measurements, and a portable EGG with boom microphone, headphones, and a USB computer connection.
  • Glottal enterprises Aeroview software, Rothenberg dual chamber CV mask and a custom-built NEH handle with dual microphones and dual pressure sensors. We also have on loan an MS-110 data interface with the associated transducers and mask and a NEH 2.5 handle.
  • Multispeech 3700 from KayPentax
  • Madde and Apex from KTH (Decap, RTSect, and Director Musices are also available)
  • Praat
  • Dr. Speech Real Analysis
  • Speechstation 2 from Sensimetrics
  • Student versions of Waveview, Aeroview, and Nasality, with training exercises from glottal enterprises.

We actively network with medical professionals in the region and collaborate with other university programs within the School of Health Professions. 


David Meyer

Associate Professor of Voice and Voice Pedagogy
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Kathryn Green

Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy
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Matthew Edwards

Assistant Professor of Voice
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Edrie Means Weekly

Adjunct Associate Professor
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