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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance


Natasha Davis

Davis ’07 Appointed Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning and Compliance at Houghton College

Natasha Davis ’07 (Master of Fine Arts in Dance) was appointed special assistant to the president for strategic planning and compliance at Houghton College in Houghton, New York. Her choreography was featured in Shenandoah Conservatory’s Reflections: Invited Choreographers Showcase concert in February 2022. Visit houghton.edu to learn more about her appointment and read the press […]

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Dance at ACDA

Dance Students and Faculty Shine at ACDA Regional Conference

Several Shenandoah Conservatory dance students and faculty attended the Mid-Atlantic North American College Dance Association (ACDA) regional conference held at Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, earlier this month during spring break. The ACDA’s primary focus is to support and promote the wealth of talent and creativity that is prominent throughout college and university […]

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Eve Stanley and Christine West

Dancers Collaborate with Musicians in Wind Ensemble Concert

The Wind Ensemble’s Music in Motion concert is a creative production featuring collaborations with dancers, actors and other artists from throughout the conservatory. Eve Stanley ’22 (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance) and Christine West ’22 (Bachelor of Arts in Dance) are choreographing a piece and dancing in the concert. Both dancers worked closely with […]

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Alumni Successes

Natalie Stys

Stys ’18 Performs with Catapult Entertainment

Natalie Stys ’18 (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance) is touring throughout the country with Catapult Entertainment, a shadow-illusion company featured on season eight of “America’s Got Talent.” The company’s 25-performance fall tour traveled to 15 states, and this spring the company is touring the eastern United States. Stys will perform with the company on […]

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Ashley Rivette

Rivette ’21 Performs with DanceWorks Chicago for 2022 Germany Tour

In February 2022, Ashley Rivette ’21 (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance) traveled to Rüsselsheim, Germany, to perform as one of the newest members of DanceWorks Chicago for the organization’s Hallo, Deutschland! 2022 tour. She has performed as a part of the BARE Dance Intensive, working with New York artist Mike Esperanza and his company. […]

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Lily Farrar

Farrar ’21, ’22 Joins Odyssey Dance Theatre

Lily Farrar ’21, ’22 (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Master of Science in Performing Arts Leadership & Management) has been one of the newest members of Odyssey Dance Theatre (@odysseydancetheatre), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, since last fall. Last summer, Farrar served as a public relations intern with Koresh Dance Company (@koreshdance) in […]

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